The contract management services we can provide can be broken down into Pre-Contract and Post Contract:


  1. Definition of requirements
  2. Definition of outcomes
  3. Suggested acquisition methodology
  4. Creation of Tender Documents
  5. Creation and testing of assessment criteria
  6. Published of Tender and provision of answers
  7. The leadership of a competitive dialogue on either side of the table
  8. Provision of appropriate Governance and documentation for approval Boards.
  9. Involvement with stakeholders and those in the delivery team to ensure a smooth transition.

Post Contract

  1. Creation of:
    • A Contract Synopsis to enable non-legal staff understanding of the obligations contained in the contract.
    • An Obligations Register
    • Change Control Register
    • Disputes and Claims Register
    • Calendar of events register
    • Questions and Answers Register
    • Issues register (those matters you wished to achieve in negotiation but failed to do so that you may wish to address in the future).
    • Contract Review templates etc.
    • Intellectual property register.
  2. Attendance at regular review meetings
  3. Answering questions on interpretation and agreeing to a position with the supplier/client that is mutually acceptable.
  4. Documenting position for the benefit of stakeholders
  5. Preparing for the exit with an appropriate exit strategy including the re-tender operation if necessary and recording ongoing warranties and liabilities.

These are just a few of the services we supply.
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