As with all areas of sales, responsibilities are often fluid however in general we would say these are three areas that have more cross-over than most.

Governance Design

Governance needs to support deals, not dominate the organisation and limit the opportunities.

It needs to:-

  • Improve the bid win rate
  • Eliminate surprises post contract
  • Ensure compliance with legislation such as export control
  • Aid the team to get deals approved quickly
  • Enable management to make constructive interventions and approve good business with the minimum of time commitments.
  • Needs to a continual feed into best practice
  • Most of all it must be simple, quick and easy.

We can help you with this through reviewing your existing systems and then providing tools that improve Governance while reducing administration.

Bid Qualification

It is critical to have a quick and simple process that qualifies bids. Bidding is a quick way of spending expensive resources so you need to be very clear on what you can do and who you want to do it with.  Pre-sales are often the first line in identifying those deals you will work on and those you should not.

It is important that the bid no bid decision board or process is simple, quick to operate and does not require lots of paperwork. If you achieve this then your sales force will not try to avoid the process but bring forward opportunities in your sweet spot as they know they will get support for a sale.  We can help you establish your:-


  • What is your target market?
  • Who is in your solution sweet spot?

Does your prospect fit?

  • Industry, size, location?

  • Are they reputable/good payers?
  • Are there any other factors you need to consider such as Export Control rules?

Bid Support

  • Practical support identifying commercial, legal, financial and technical issues in a bid; ensures no costly surprises later.
  • Effective monitoring of the bid to ensure each issue is not only asked but answered and any risk is mitigated or costed in the proposal, enabling a very sharp pencil to be taken to the price because of reduced risk.
  • Provision of  clear negotiation strategy for approval by management so they know what they are signing and the associated risks.
  • Clear governance and accountability for all decisions that will stand-up to Freedom of Information enquiries.