Business Case Development

Business Case Development

Wrekin can help your business case development, be that the Treasury Green Book five-stage approach or an adapted Prince 2 methodology.

We start with helping you define the vision.  What do you want to achieve and why? This is the start of your business case.

What makes up a business case?

Remember to also set out the do-nothing option and the associated costs and implications of such inactivity.

When the initial project proposal is created for approval, responsibility rests with the project sponsor to develop the business case. Wrekin can assist here as we will provide an objective view, independent insight and technical expertise to help the project sponsor deliver a high-quality business case.

Wrekin can use either your templates or ours to present the business case in a straightforward manner that will set out the purpose of the works or project programme. Our staff can support your team through the process to delivery of the business case and presentation to the stakeholders.  We are also able  to train your staff on how to make such presentations.

Business cases help the senior management team decide where to spend its human and financial capital and which business needs it will address.  It needs to capture both the quantifiable and unquantifiable characteristics of a proposed project, the financial implications and the intangible benefits such as improvements and ease of use for the staff.

Like a building, a good business case provides the foundations for subsequent projects and outcomes as the project or programme begins to be executed.