Finding the best Pre-Sales Consultants

pre sales recruitment

When looking for a needle in a haystack, it is useful if first, you know what a needle looks like as well as knowing how much time and effort you are prepared to put into finding it.

The best Pre-Sales Consultants are hard to find but if they need to be a God or Goddess among humans instead of a Christian among lions, then you must spend time on the search:  define precisely what you want and plan your hunt carefully.

There are three key areas to consider: product knowledge, pre-sales skills and domain expertise.  As a minimum, settle for one of the areas but make sure it’s the one you can’t teach and without which you are dead in the water.  When you are totally convinced you have a candidate with great potential it’s easy to bring the missing areas up to speed.  If you find a candidate with two of the three areas covered, sign the deal quickly before they have a chance to find something better.  In the unlikely event that you find someone who is a match for all three areas then they are probably already the head of your Pre-Sales team.

We have extensive experience of Pre-Sales recruitment throughout Europe and can advise on job specification and skills requirements as well as assisting with CV screening and recruitment interviews.

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