Pre Sales Process Steps 

Pre sales process steps

Request For Information (RFI)

One word here: don’t.

Unless you helped influence it when it was a wee gleam in an IT sourcing specialist’s eye or you know the prospect or consultant very well and you are absolutely convinced that you are not just column fodder.

Otherwise, don’t.

Not even when your favourite Sales Exec tells you it’s a sure-fire winner.  (Check their quota achievement to date and assess how much influence that might be having on their decision to pursue it.)


Qualify Every Lead

The Sales and Marketing teams should qualify every lead before considering whether to start investing Pre-Sales time and effort.  If the lead passes their tests then Pre-Sales should consider how good a fit the prospect is for your company.

  • Have you thought about your target market?
  • Your solution sweet spot?
  • We can assist you with evaluation processes that make the most of your valuable resources and improve your win rate.

We can assist you with evaluation processes that make the most of your valuable resources and improve your win rate.



Knowing the prospect’s business and having a solid understanding of their requirements is key to the creation of a great solution as well as contributing to a strong relationship based on trust.

You only get there with a thorough investigation of as many aspects as possible, using desk-top review, deep-dive interviews and good quality documentation of all your findings.

  • How do you do this currently?
  • How many of your solutions provoke an ‘unexpected’ question because they didn’t meet the requirements?
  • How do you utilise peer review to ensure that you have a workable solution?

Our team has significant experience of this and can recommend essential areas to investigate as well as ways to capture and store the research materials that you accumulate during a bid process.


Solution Design

In any complex bid, it is likely that more than one person will be involved in the eventual solution design.  Teams can be permanent in nature or formed for one specific exercise but must, in any case, be well-managed with established working practices to ensure best quality output.  The well-documented research (into requirements and procurement process) from your analysis phase will feed into an excellent design, with due consideration of any gaps within all time constraints.

  • What working practices do you have to facilitate team collaboration?
  • What strategies do you have in place to manage any gaps between the requirements and your solution?
  • Do you have an internal design approval process to ensure that you can deliver what you offer?

If you don’t have any or all of these, we can help you design good processes or train your team to enable them to create them for themselves.



This is the day that you present your solution to your prospect and it is your opportunity to shine.  This is where you get to bring home the deal that everyone has been counting on.  It is also the day that you realise that you don’t know where your ha’porth of tar is and you are at risk of losing the ship.

From knowing your audience to knowing your script, from flawless logistics to flawless back-ups, the only word here is preparation.

Unless of course you have a crystal ball and can forego much of the above.  That’s something we can’t help you with but we can make sure that you know the key areas to pay attention to.

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