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Wrekin has designed an audit framework database to enable us to quickly identify how commercial relationships you entered in to contribute to the value for money of the services you offer. We have developed the framework through reviews of National Audit Office reports, the Magenta and Green Books and our experience of doing such business case development or assessments.

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Our unique offering.

Our framework is quick and easy to implement, and it works on iPads, tablets or mobile phones. It suggests questions the auditor should consider, and advises what the auditor should be looking for in assessing compliance. It is not an exhaustive list; however, it is an excellent base level to which other specific relevant study questions can be added.

Use of mobile technology provides us with an advantage. It allows a photograph to be taken as evidence of compliance or non-compliance is discovered; these photographs are attached automatically to the report. Thus the reviewer can challenge the auditor’s interpretation of the actual evidence, as a copy is in front of them.

The audit framework is intended to assist in identifying compliance with governance, contractual and commercial relationships and is appropriate for complex agreements. You can run comparison reports between various projects and identify good and poor practice in the same organisation, to assist with rapid improvement.

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