True Innovation, for the Brexit Negotiations.

True Innovation, for the Brexit Negotiations.

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True innovation, for the Brexit negotiations, would be a plan to take all the negotiators away for a weekend together before the negotiations start and have them work in a variety of trust building exercises. It is harder to be nasty to someone with whom you have trusted your life.

The negotiators, need to be aware and feel in their bones that this is not about “them and us”, no matter what the Daily Mail says. Rather, they are trying to give birth to a divorce where the parties, post-divorce, work amicably together, meet up for meals and discuss the children in a friendly manner accompanied by a shared wish for successful, separate lives.

Why, does Theresa May not want to reveal her negotiation plan? She says she wishes to get the best deal for the UK. Personally, I think the reason Mrs. May’s trying to conceal the strategy, is that whatever the outcome Mrs. May would still be able to claim a success if no one knew what she had wanted in the first place.

These will be a set of highly complex, multifaceted negotiations. The only way to achieve them in the time, is with goodwill on both sides. Senior UK ministers, politicians and certain organs of the press, seem to be going out of their way to rubbish our present-day partners and in doing so are destroying good will. The lack of clarity in the UK position and the insults result in people taking positions, such behaviours will make it harder to reach an agreement.

In making jingoistic remarks you may make yourself feel good, but the negotiations will be harder for those charged with carrying them out. Please stop!

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