Update – Britain decides exit, can the Civil Service cope?

Update – Britain decides exit, can the Civil Service cope?

Prior to the vote, I wrote a piece on the Civil Service coping with Brexit. https://www.wrekinconsulting.com/if-britain-decides-to-brexit-can-the-civil-service-cope/

I argued, that the Civil Service could cope, but that to expect it all to be done and dusted in two years was not realistic.

Since then, I have thought further about one of my lines from Harold Macmillan “Events, dear boy events.” It is events that are of most concern to me.

It would seem fair to say the leave camp had no plan for the negotiations. Their idea of pushing back the notice of Article 50 and having informal talks has been shot down. They need to go back to first principles. What is in the scope of negotiation? What is our position on each issue? What are we prepared to trade on and for etc? Then plan for the negotiation. Create the review boards necessary to approve the approach of the people in the room. They will require a very good Project Management Office.

I found it mind blowing that Boris could see no reason why Scotland should have a vote on leaving the UK. The will of the people is soverign, is it not? So we can expect a lot of political capital to be spent on that issue.

NI looks as if it will also require a very delicate touch.

Wales, having voted for exit now expects England to cough up the extra cash the EU will no longer be paying. How is this to be managed?

The city is going to be a roller-coaster until some certainty is created. Likewise, industry will be reluctant to approve anything, other than essential expenditure, until there is more certainty. With certainty, they will be quick to adapt and I anticipate some are already doing so.

While all of this is going on there needs to be the day to day Government enacted. Government has to deal with the shocks that come along such as Tata steel. Fix the health service etc. Oh! and cope with the Political parties seeking to destroy themselves.

So I revise my conclusion, I hope the Civil Service can cope, but it will not surprise me if they do not. One thing, I know, it will not be for the want of trying.

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