Procurement: its future in the NHS

We will continue the theme of our previous blog about the future of procurement and consider how this vision might apply to the NHS. Today we will look at procurement of goods, in subsequent articles we will consider services, exceptions and the advantages.

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Procurement in the NHS
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What can Commercial Managers learn from the Great British Bake-Off?

First, I have no inside knowledge of the deal, my observations are from press coverage.

It seems, Love Productions played a, short term, blinder. They used time positively in the negotiation, to convince Channel 4 that they had to move quickly. Channel 4 did, and in doing so increased the risk profile of the deal. It would be interesting to know who in Channel 4 signed off the risk register? Did it highlight the risk of  contracting with no guarantee as to the talent?

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Update – Britain decides exit, can the Civil Service cope?

Prior to the vote, I wrote a piece on the Civil Service coping with Brexit.

I argued, that the Civil Service could cope, but that to expect it all to be done and dusted in two years was not realistic.

Since then, I have thought further about one of my lines from Harold Macmillan “Events, dear boy events.” It is events that are of most concern to me.

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How, can Government square the circle?

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Government wishes to square the circle of wanting to use more small medium enterprises (SME) to provide its services. However, Procurement departments believe large procurements bring economies of scale, and one large contract is easier to manage than a number of smaller agreements.

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